Felting update

It is nearly a year ago when I began the felting project in our village here.

For all those of you who do not know how all began, I’ll post my introduction from last year again here: 

“I am happy and proud to tell you about a new social project here in our valley:

We are building up a Berber Women’s Wool Cooperative, specialised in felted products.

Since three months I am working with a bunch of girls from the village to teach them how to felt, how to dye wool naturally, how to create good designed products and how to run a business on their own. We are in the very beginning, but I am really thankful and excited about their motivation and the innocent sense of creativity they have. Masha’allah, it is so fulfilling to have the chance to work with them and I learn so much myself, too.

So we build up, little by little, by the will of God, a cooperative with a sustainable spirit to encourage the women’s independence and to ensure their own income.

Here are some of our first products and the work in progress…”

schalfilzen1 filztaschebluete
And now, a year later, I can give you some updates:
We worked very well last year, alhamdulillah, every week we tried out something new and we even sold some of the products, so in the end every girl earned a bit of money.
Since November we are not working because weather is too cold. The girls are preparing some wool at home but not a lot. I realize that for them the working process itself is enough: they love to meet, to be creative and to have fun together. But all the responsibilities and sacrifice a real established business-cooperative would ask for is quiet too much for them and they are not interested in working hard for earning a lot of money.
So we decided soon to continue as before, to meet independently and voluntarily, to enjoy the process itself and to leave all in an open frame, like a weekly woman’s meeting group.

I am more than happy with the decision because with soon to be three children I will not have the same amount of free time and energy any more and I do not want to be the pusher and manager of such a business. I am more than happy to meet freely with them, to share a bit of my creativity, to have contact with the people and to help them to sell every now and then some of the felted products to some of our guest or tourists around.

So, alhamdulillah, I am looking forward to the new season, to some new inspiration and new meetings with these amazingly vivid and happy young girls, and I will give you report as soon as we begin, inchaallah.
Blessed Friday to you!

filzproduktegruen filzutensilien
filz-rollen filztaschenblueten


7 thoughts on “Felting update

  1. Salut Itto,

    Je suis heureuse d’avoir des nouvelles de la coopérative.

    Vous avez réalisé de bien belles choses.

    C’est un choix à faire, gagner de l’argent et être bien dans ce que l’on fait, les deux ne sont pas toujours compatible… Je m’en rends compte tous les jours…

    Il faut que le travail est un sens pour qu’il soit agréable.

  2. Assalaamu’alaykum dear sis,

    Subhanallaah looks like great fun!!
    Being one who’s been living in the city her whole life, I do wonder what it’s like to have the life you have 😉

    On another note, mashaa Allaah, mabrouk on your pregnancy! It’s been a while since I’ve been blog hopping 😦 Inshaa Allaah everything will go smoothly and you will be blessed with a daughter who will be coolness to your family’s eyes and grow up to be a good and pious Muslim, ameen.

    Take care sis.

  3. Mashallah what a good enterprise and I’m sure is very rewarding in many different levels. Looking forward to more updates, inshallah.

  4. Asalamu Walaikum Sis,
    I am a firmly believe that fostering creativity infold fosters more creativity. So even if they don’t become craft sellers, inshallah they will be inspired and attempt something else they may not have ever thought they could do. It looks like so much fun.
    I had a friend who tried to start a women’s fabric co-op in west Africa. The ladies all made beautiful printed fabrics and then gave them to each other as gifts lol!! My friend was so frustrated, but them women had a great time!
    Love and Peace,

  5. salamualaikum dear itto,

    maschaAllah, may Allah bless your project! i have also started with felting and love it!
    we have a little shop with moroccan products(germany), maybe its interesting for you and your girls;)`if you like you can contact me under info@alfirdaus.de

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