I am touched…

eier 103blumenkamin

… by all the condolences people offer me over here.
Every day different people from our village come over, bringing me signs of life and hope: fresh eggs, fresh milk and their wishes for Allah’s baraka and patience.

They say: it is like if the mournful person wears a black shirt.
They say: every offer of condolences is like if it washes the dirt of sorrow away from the shirt.
They say: one day the shirt will become white and the mournful person will become happy again…

I like this idea and I really feel warmly welcomed and comforted by their compassion.

Blessed Wednesday to you!


3 thoughts on “I am touched…

  1. Salut Itto,

    C’est une belle image que tu nous décris là.
    Nous pouvons tout nettoyer, même le chagrin… avec le temps la vie et la joie reprennent le dessus…

    C’est merveilleux de savoir que tu es bien entouré.

    Je te souhaite un bon mercredi.

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