Good Company

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We are still in Marrakech because weather is quiet strong at the moment and lots of snow in our valley. So we decided to stay a bit longer here because the roads are not well to drive.
Here it is raining a lot, just sometimes a bit of sunshine. But it is warmer than at home and I take benefit of the time to enjoy the city infrastructure and to meet friends.

It is so good to see other Muslim women; feels so good to speak about religious topics, to be inspired by their strength in faith and to feel motivated to better myself.
I meet women who share the same background and others who are quiet different; I meet women who just recently became Muslims and others who are born so; I meet women who wear Niqab (=full face covering) and others who dress western.
It is this variety that makes all so interesting and vivid.
Subhanallah, I feel as if my Iman (=faith) gets pushed up by all the discussions we have; I love to hear about their beliefs and how they see things; I see how much I still have to learn and I see how important it is to be surrounded by good people.
Life is about good company, isn’t it? I really see how good people can make you behave well, how they support and encourage you to better your character and to make personal efforts every day.
And isn’t good company one of the three major things to strengthen one’s faith? (Together with Dhikr=Remembrance and Djihad=fight against the personal inner ego (=Nafs))

I do miss such conversations sometimes at home. I wish we had those religious meetings; especially meetings with women of the same background and with the same “reverting/Hijrah-problems”, to encourage and to support each other.

The women in our valley are great, but some subjects I cannot discuss with them and I still don’t know the Berber language that well, but I am sure some of them would be really interested in learning and reading more about our beautiful religion, even that they are illiterate…

So, alhamdulillah, I am really thankful for all the women I meet here and try to learn as much as possible to share all of this one day with the women living next to me, inchaallah.
Salaam alaikoum and a blessed week to you friends!


10 thoughts on “Good Company

  1. Salam Itto

    Comme je peux bien te comprendre ! j’aimerai tellement pouvoir rencontrer des femmes musulmanes ici en Suisse…. C’est tellement important de partager son expérience, ses idées…

    Bonne journée à toi…

  2. Salam alaykom..
    I just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog and how you write masha’allah.
    I am amarried to a Moroccan. We married in Morocco in Sept 2006. He arived here in Canada, May 23rd, 2008. Was a very long wait.. but al hamdullilah.
    One place I LOVED visiting in Morroco was marekesh… My husband is half berber…..however he doesn’t speak it, but his mother does. Irealy admire the berber culture and find everything berber to be so beautiful.
    You ahve a wonderful little familly and I love the way you ahve decorated your house.

    Al hamdulilah you have been able to meet with women of all different backgrounds.
    I too, am pregnant….31 weeks.. this week is 32…..

    Anyway…nice to meet you…

  3. Liebe Itto,
    ich freue mich für dich, dass in Marrakech du die Gemeinschaft mit anderen muslimischen Frauen pflegen kannst. Dein Blog ist für mich ein grossartiges Beispiel dafür, wie virtuelle Gemeinschaft in einzelne Leben hineinwirken kann. Immer noch habe ich viele Fragen…
    Bei uns hat es auch gehörig geschneit, und ich bleibe lieber zuhause in der warmen Stube.
    Sei herzlich gegrüsst!

  4. Coucou Itto, c’est bien pour toi de pouvoir profiter de ton séjour à Marrakech pour rencontrer d’autres femmes Musulmanes.
    Elles t’apportent beaucoup tout comme toi tu dois aussi leur apporter beaucoup. Le partage d’expériences est très important et aide à continuer dans notre voie, qu’elle soit religieuse ou non.
    Je ne suis pas musulmane, mais j’aime t’écouter (ou te lire) parler de ta religion.
    Je trouve cela très interressant c’est une chance que l’on a de s’ouvir sur le monde.
    Bonne semaine à toi aussi Itto.

  5. yes very true indeed. Good company is essential and that is also why our Beloved prophet(saw) recommended we lived in community.
    Another great post mashallah and great pics too.

  6. Liebe Itto,
    ich habe am Wochenende von der starken Regenfällen in Marokko gehört und an Dich gedacht und gehofft, dass Dein Haus noch steht. Immerhin war die Rede von Überschwemmungen und Erdrutschen….umso besser zu hören, dass es Dir und Deiner Familie gut geht!
    Ich kann Dich gut verstehen, der fruchtbare Austausch mit Menschen macht glücklich und ist ein Geschenk, das man oft erst zu schätzen weiß, wenn man tagelang oder wochenlang kein richtiges Gespräch geführt hat.

    Bei uns regnet/schneit es auch, ich habe langsam keine Lust mehr auf diese Kälte.
    Im Moment beschäftige ich mich mit der Suche nach einer neuen Arbeit, unsere Firma (bremen4u) wird zum Sommer abgewickelt. Meine Laune wechselt, abhängig von Jobausschreibungen von verzweifelt zu hoffnungsvoll. Heute bin ich mir sicher, dass ich etwas neues, spannendes finden werde, aber manchmal sehe ich mich schon als Arbeitslose vor dem Fernseher sitzen…
    Genug gemault, weitermachen.
    Liebste Grüße ins wunderschöne Marrakech.

  7. Glad to hear you are well, alhumdiallah. We heard there was weather related problems in your area.
    Love and Peace

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