Sewing Progress

tasche-tiny-happy-grau tiny-happy-wrap

I did it!
alhamdulillah, I managed to sew two really nice bags by following the great tutorial from Melissa of Tiny Happy (one of my daily reads)

And I also took her girl’s wrap dress pattern and transformed it into a maternity dress with my first self-made bias tape!!!

Subhanallah, I am really happy with the outcome and so I took the flowing opportunity and even changed some clothes into baby-belly-fitting-mother-to-be-trousers/skirt by simply cutting out the buttons and zippers and adding some stretching fabric.

Now I am having a whole new city-wardrobe for the upcoming months… thanks God!
and thank you Melissa for those great ideas!

tasche-tinyhappy-fertig umstandsmode


3 thoughts on “Sewing Progress

  1. mashallah, so creative. And think of all the money you are saving yourself. Those maternity clothes cost a bomb!!! Thanks for sharing, take care.

  2. Salut Itto, je me régale chaque jour d’avoir de tes nouvelles via ton blog. Tu as réalisé de très beaux sacs et une belle robe aussi… Je vais essayer de prendre exemple sur toi et commencer enfin mon sarouel.

    La vallée est magnifique sous la neige, les enfants doivent bien s’amuser.

    A bientôt.


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