Felted Pebbles

filz-seife stein-filzen-steine
steine-filzen-fertig stein-filzen-zutaten

Felted Pebbles – Tutorial

this is a felting method which is great to be done on these cold grey inside winter days even with your smallest kids.
Don’t fear a mess or wet clothes; you will have a lot of fun, a sensory perception and a good learning experience with the soft wool and the warm water.
Best place to do it is the kitchen counter or somewhere you don’t have to care about wet floors and tables…

You will need:
pebbles (take the round ones with smooth edges)
soft wool in different colors (Märchenwolle)
warm water (as warm as possible, but still comfortable for your hands)

Soap (hard or liquid one, I think olive soap is good for the skin)
a tray
a bowl
towels beside and probably a waterproof kids-apron

place all the needed things around you and put the tray in front of the working kids and yourself.
Now take a pebble in one hand and place it on some wool. You do not need a lot of wool, just enough to cover the whole stone until no more of its surface is seen (pic.1). Take some more wool (a different color) and put some design around (pic.2).
Then take with your free hand some water and sprinkle it over the woolen stone. Take some soap and again some water in your hand and turn now the pebble in both of your hand just like you turn a snowball into shape. Be careful not to touch too hard, but to work all the sides with same pressure. You will feel how the wool begins to shrink because of the warm water and how the soap helps to make the whole process smooth and better working (pic.3).
Continue like this and always make sure to add enough warm water and soap. The more you work like this the smaller, harder and nearer to the pebble the wool surface gets. Make sure that the second color sticks well on the first and that they build one cover together. Work on by always taking fresh warm water and soap until you feel that the pebble is hard surrounded by the wool and the surface is solid (pic.4). This takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on how big the pebble is and how well the shrinking qualities of your wool are.

Then take the pebble and wash it under cold clean water and put it somewhere to dry.
If you are working some stones like this, they will give a very nice decoration and bigger pebbles even work well as weight-downs for letters or to hold open doors and windows.
The smallest children will not be able to finish a perfect product, but the whole process of sensitive work with these different materials will give them joy and fulfill their senses.

Enjoy and have a blessed Friday!

stein-filzen-beginn stein-filzen-2
stein-filzen-3 stein-filzen-4


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