Ten things…

schnee-und-papa schneegucken
111-pure-bliss-place schneespuren
nahen-und-geniessen packchen-julia
wasserkessel yogi-tea

Subhanallah, ten things I am enormously thankful for, right now…


          Having daddy/hubby with us at home, alhamdulillah!!

          My faith and religion that gives me inner stability and leading support whatever happens, inchaallah

          Watching snow falls and the warm feeling it brings while sitting inside

          Our cosy house with the warm little places beside the fire, the comfort and peace it gives and the blessing of having a home in general

          Inside plays, creativity, discovering, learning and being together as a family

          Sewing-me-time and some sweets beside

          As always: warm tea and good comfort food

          Fluent warm water and a hot shower (at least for one day, because today tubes are already frozen again…)

          The gift I won on Linneanongrata’s blog which just arrived: a beautiful card and two beautifully sewed bags with some of her illustration, so sweet!! Thank you Julia!

          The new years gift package from my parents, with loads of cakes, toys, tea, books, and lot of more blessings inside. What a pleasure to see the kid’s shining eyes while opening it… Thanks to my lovely family in Germany!


Thanks God for these beautiful moments to live! Allahu akbar!


Wishing you too a great mid-weeks-day!



2 thoughts on “Ten things…

  1. Assalamu alaikum
    JazakiLlahi khairan over and over for all you share of your beautiful and positive life. May your ten things continue to be multiplied by the grace of Allah Ta’ala, Ameen.
    Wassalamu alaikum

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