Review – From my sisters’ lips

Last year I began my blogging-career on . Unfortunately they had several server problems and I had to change the provider. My old blog still exists, but all the pictures are gone. I really liked some of my posts there, so I decided to do a little review from time to time here.
I wanna start this repeat with a post about a really good book I read.

Na’ima B. Robert “From my sisters’ lips – An extremely though-provoking book that challenges Western preconceptions of Islamic women”


“Covered from head to toe, with only her eyes visible, the sight of a Muslim woman on a western city street rarely fails to provoke a strong reaction. Feelings of shock, horror, repulsion, or even fear, are not uncommon. But have you ever wondered who it is behind the veil, what her life is really like and how her hopes and aspirations differ from yours?

In “From my sisters’ lips” Na’ima Robert recounts the compelling story of her conversion to Islam and offers first-hand accounts of just some of the extraordinary women she has come to know in recent years – women like herself who have chosen to live as Muslims. What emerges is a vivid and intimate portrait of a sisterhood. As they speak candidly on diverse subjects ranging from marriage to motherhood, stereotypes, submission, and slef-image, we hear the strong, proud voices of those who are seldom heard.“


ISBN 978-0-553-81717-1 , published in the UK by Bantam Books



This is masha’allah, a great book I recently read. The sister describes very well all the feelings, the joy, the questions, the peace and the trouble that comes with one’s conversion to Islam.
She perfectly explains the beauty and the basics of the religion, she gives wonderful examples out of her private life and let speak some other sisters in their own words. And she isn’t afraid of making clear personal statements about some taboo-themes, such as polygamy, covering the face, men-women relationships, etc.

It is a refreshing, impressing book which I highly recommend to both, Muslims and non-Muslims as well. I wished it wouldn’t have finished so quick, I could read more and more about…

May Allah reward the sister for all the efforts she did and may He accept her good deeds.


8 thoughts on “Review – From my sisters’ lips

  1. Dieses Buch würde ich gerne lesen! Ich frage mich oft, wie der Alltag muslimischer Frauen wirklich aussieht (du lässt mich über deinen Blog an deinem Alltag teilhaben – danke!). Ist das Leben von Konvertitinnen nicht doch sehr anders als jenes von Frauen, die schon als Musliminnen aufgewachsen sind? Gibt dir deine “Freiwilligkeit” nicht eine andere Position in deiner Ehe, deiner (Schwieger-)Familie? Darüber möchte ich wirklich mehr wissen …
    LG, Katarina

  2. Vielen Dank für den Tipp!
    Was Katarina über Deine Position in Deiner Ehe und Familie wissen möchte, interressiert mich auch sehr. Wohnen Deine Schwiegereltern und Schwager und Schwägerinnen in der Nähe? Wie oft seht Ihr Euch? Wie verstehen sich Deine Eltern mit Deinen Schwiegereltern? Vielleicht sind diese Fragen zu persönlich, aber interessant wäre es auf jeden Fall.

    Liebe Grüße

  3. liebe steffi, liebe katarina,
    euer interesse ehrt mich sehr und gerne werde ich auf eure fragen näher eingehen, sobald ich zeit und muse dazu finde. ich hoffe ihr habt ein wenig geduld….
    schön euch als leser hier zu haben!

  4. Thank you for the tip. I hope I’ll remember to order it as soon as I get home because I would very much like to read it (there are so many things I forget recently but I hope this one will stick.).

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