Corners of my home – the House

sm-und-fassade hauseingang 
lemhbau1 haus-detail-leiter 

… Finally a new post about the corners of my home…
today I wanna show you the outside of our house, not the inside; the making of a “mud hut”, the beautiful façade and the different views.
We built our house with the earth and the soil on which it is placed. In a really traditional stamp/pound technique: just by adding water and without any modern machines.
It is built without electricity-use, all just by men-power and with the work of human hands.
The roof is made of wood, grass and an earth cover; it is flat and may be used as a terrace. The walls are decorated with old Berber signs and ornaments from the South.
I love this building art, it fits so well into the nature around, it is entirely recyclable and the mud houses’ climate is very healthy, the walls even protect against radiation and electric waves.  
I am fighting for this technique’s survival and with my former university we are even trying to find new solutions to optimize the sealing and the comfort of the beautiful Berber “Tighremt” to convince the people about its advantages over concrete buildings.

Subhan’allah, I really think the closer to nature, the better things are…


8 thoughts on “Corners of my home – the House

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  2. Assalam-alaikam,
    mash’Allah what a lovely place.
    The patterns on the walls remind me of the way Moroccan’s do their henna.
    And those blue skies and the sunshine – I don’t think we’ll be getting any for the next few months.

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