Weekends like this…

111-kizi 111-spule

Do you know these days, when everything, yourself included, feels sad, senseless and lost? When feelings are moving between depressed and happy, when you are desperately seeking occupation but nothing really fits your mood? When the dishes pile up and the house tends to become a mess but you feel just unable to do anything needed?

Yes, I do have these moments too, astafirghullah. Ups and downs the whole day long, a lot of crying and feeling alone and empty.
Mashaallah, Saturday was such a day. It was a dark hole and I was sitting deeply inside, not knowing how to get out.

cordsticken-beginn cordsticken

What made me then really smiling even in that dark moment was the sensitivity of my little ones. Subhanallah, when they brought me tissues and a hug, a tiny “don’t cry mom” and even an “I wanna marry you, may I?” that made my heart melting and everything looked better afterwards. Isn’t there beauty in every moment?!

I finally baked a cake, and we enjoyed the comfort of that very moment, something that always works: eating sweets and drinking hot chocolate!

In the evening I felt already so much better, alhamdulillah, and I even realized some beautiful sewing (will post about it later).

And Sunday, even though that it was icy and a little snowing outside, we went getting water from the spring (no running water at home…) and enjoying some winter-goods.

And I began my first real embroidery work which made me happy. I cut the legs of old corduroy trousers, embroidered them and will sew now little bags out of it (so easy to do because the sides are already done).

Alhamdulillah, in the end it turned out to be a good weekend, thanks God!

Hope you had better balanced days – blessed Monday to you!



12 thoughts on “Weekends like this…

  1. as salam aleykoum sister

    we all have this kind of moment it is normal
    we are human being after all do not feel guilty u are a super mum and a great women i am really impress by ur optimistic view
    take care

  2. Ja, solche Momente (oder Tage) kennen wir doch alle, nicht wahr?
    Ich kämpfe mich gerade durch eine Grippe, dazu lag heute Morgen eine unserer Katzen tot im Schuppen … am liebsten hätte ich mich gleich wieder ins Bett gelegt und die Decke weit über den Kopf gezogen.
    Wie schön, dass du mit deinen Kindern Kuchen backen und Schokolade trinken kannst. So herzerwärmend, wie du von deinem Leben erzählst!

  3. boy , do I have days like those!!!! Also don’t forget in your state hormones play a big part and can be blamed for everything that goes wrong in your life 😆 Take care sis, may Allah make your days to come easy, ameen.

  4. You’re pregnant? Didn’t you know that you are exempt from cleanig the house? Look, I think you do a fab job and I envy the arts and crafty side of you – masha’allah. Take the weekend off. I tell my dh all the time, that at least he has the weekend off to refresh himself.

  5. Asalamu Walaikum Sis,
    I really wanted to comment here yesterday, but didn’t have a second, alhumdiallah. When I first saw the pics, I immediately thought that was very brave of you to post them, masha Allah! That is what a homeschooling house looks like! But I have never seen mamas post those pictures. We always show off our cute little projects and corners when they are perfect. That IS NOT reality. And it really doesn’t help us much to get sympathy from the husbands (or whoever else may be critical of OUR space) who see other people’s houses in much better shape–yeah people whose kids are OUT of the house most of their waking hours. My house is only now coming into regular order now that I have a 10 year old to do regular chores and the seven year old is right behind him, alhumdiallah.
    AND you are growing another human being in your belly, may Allah protect and guide you both, ameen.
    Really, the next time we jack this place good (give me just a few days!), I’ll post some pics inshallah 😉
    Love and Peace,

  6. I appreciate your honesty in posting your thoughts and pictures! Your words resonate with me and reflect my own thoughts, some days. I’m glad you posted pictures – sometimes, looking at homeschooling blogs, I get the impression everyone’s life resembles near perfection! No, no, no – that is not reality. Thanks for your honesty.

  7. p.s. I hope you feel better today. Being pregnant … ups and downs … it is normal. Take a bit of time for a cup of tea and solitude if you can.

  8. so glad you’re feeling better now. i love your embroidery- and the sewing. i have confused/up-and-down days like you described, too. i think (hope!) it’s normal.
    and now- you must do more sewing, and eat more baking! yes, that is the secret. 🙂

  9. Hi Itto…

    I’m new to your blog, but I just wanted to say don’t be so hard on yourself! I have often wished that other mothers would cut me some slack and forget about how the house looked. We could all be much better friends. 🙂

    It is very hard, isn’t it, to mother well, to grow a new baby, to be a loving wife, AND to always keep the house spotless? Sometimes, the house just has to go. It is okay! 🙂

    Sometimes, I think of how nice I might keep my house once the children are grown (I have 8 children, ages 16- 1) but then I stop and think again…”Will I really care so much by the time they are grown?” 🙂 Probably not. I will probably be wise enough by that point to see that children (or grandchildren) are more important.

    Rest easy, friend. You are doing the important things.

  10. Ah, we are kindred spirits for sure. Just so you know, when I looked at these pictures I saw beauty, laughter, love, and life, being lived. cheers to you and your wonderful mothering.

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