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This year began differently than expected… we are on our own again,
the au pair girl will not come back… we had too many differences and I think sometimes you have to make a clear cut, not to let things become worse…

I do not feel sad about it or frustrated, alhamdulillah, I feel quiet motivated and excited.
I am looking forward to entirely be with the kids, to enjoy all their making, growing and playing and not have to share or explain my privacy and our style of life to someone else.
I am feeling much better since several weeks, alhamdulillah, no more fatigue or sickness, no more need for 12(!) hours sleep per night… so I am looking forward to days full of mothering and to kids-free evenings in front of my computer or my sewing machine, and to lots of cooking and baking with the kids, and also to store food for the upcoming months, when I will be too big to move or unable to cook with a newborn in my arms, inchaallah.

Last year I found a post on The Imam’s daughter’s blog on about how to schedule a mother’s days. I got the book she was talking about and went through it with lots of interest.

I like lists and schedules; I like to structure my days and try to make the most out of them. I do not make myself a slave of such plans and always try to stay open-minded, spontaneous and flexible, but I like to have a certain frame; bounds in which I organize my days.
So I am now reading parts of the Maxwell’s book again and try to find a new rhythm that fits for us right now.
Surely it will not be a schedule in half-an-hour bits as they propose, but a schedule that includes play-times and chore-times, just-me- and family-times, devotion- and nature-time… a schedule that shows me what I am able to accomplish every single day and how to do so with God’s help, inchaallah.

Wishing you well organized day’s friends, to have the best and most fulfilling outcome!

7 thoughts on “Manager of my Home

  1. as salaamu `alaykum…

    I too am going through several changes (relocating yet again) and have been enjoying your posts 🙂 They ‘speak’ to me, if you get my meaning. I am trying not to see these changes as disruptions – there are people who face bigger trials and manage so how can I complain? I’ll keep you in my thoughts – may Allah keep you in good health and spirits ameen.

    Oh yes, I have a sewing machine and I am still in fear of it 😛

  2. Assalam Alaikum Itto,

    Have you tried a Home Management Binder? There are tons of examples on the Internet and Sister Samirah has a site explaining the concept:

    Just add your design touches and it’s a great project! BTW…your Apfelmus is a real hit in our house. Back to breakfast now…I am enjoying some Argan oil. Sewing? Would love to learn it…but as Iman says…I am in fear of it as well!

    Do you have instructions for your wish tree?

  3. salam sister Umm Nassim,
    I love your comments, thanks so much! und dein deutsch ist sehr gut!! tbarakallah.
    and thanks for the binder-advice!
    sewing is not that difficult, I will write a post on it once, but I think you should try it with a beginner book or course for basic knowledge.
    enjoy the apple-sauce.
    xxx itto

  4. I’m in a constant state of limbo as far as home/life management is concerned..i yearn to be organised..but in reality thrive best when I do things more spontaneously..i’m sure I’ll reach that happy medium one day…
    i certainly admire and am in awe of sisters who do achieve it though…

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