Let’s lighten a candle

kerze-geschmolzen winterblume

As I mentioned it before: I am not at all interested in politics!

And I am usually not watching news on television…
but even though, I get the most important news and am informed about what is going on in this mad world; and it really shocks me and makes me crying when I see these day’s pictures of violence.
We have such a blessed life; we live in peace, we are able to play and laugh without worry; subhan’allah, we do not have to fear violence, bomb attacks and tank cars…

I am sharing the sorrow of the people in Gaza, especially of the women and children. Mashaallah, how can such injustice legally happen? How can the world close its eyes towards all the cruelty that is going on over there?
I am deeply feeling sorry for all the innocent victims… in Palestine and all over the world.

Let’s lighten a candle and include all these people in our prayers.
May Allah grant them justice and ease! And peace for this world! Amen.

3 thoughts on “Let’s lighten a candle

  1. Oh, Itto, mich beelendet auch, was im Gazastreifen geschieht! Meine Kerze (danke für die Idee!) brennt für alle Opfer politischer/religiöser Gewalt überall auf der Welt!
    Herzlich, Katarina

  2. thank you, itto. the people of gaza are constantly on my mind at the moment, even though their reality is so much worse than i can even imagine. after reading this post of yours, i’ve lit a candle on my table and share your thoughts.

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