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Wow, it is nearly a year ago when I came to blogging. I think one of the first blogs I ever read was Anaj’s kreatives Tagesbuch when I was looking for some felting instructions.
I didn’t immediately understand the way how blogs work and felt a bit lost in the order of the posts and their actuality.
But it didn’t take a long time and I really felt in love with the whole journal thing. I was so very much inspired by all the creativity around and so touched by the deep thoughts of some posts. And the moment I began to read not only German but especially the English written blogs, a whole new world opened up to me.
Alhamdulillah, how much I’ve learned since then, how deeper my daily life became, how more meaningful! I was encouraged in so many ways and I am so full of gratitude for all that inspiration and the connection with women all around the world through the same fields of interest; subhanallah – blogging was definitely one of the best things coming to my life in 2008.


Recently I got a mail from someone that made me think about what reading blogs can create in people. I think the main thing is that we should never forget that no one can ever show through the internet the real person he is, and sometimes we even do not want to do so, do we!?
I’m sure that there are lot of different reasons why people blog: some people like to play a role or a different character; others blog to talk about a thing that is important for them, totally cutting out other parts of their lives and personality; and again others blog as whom they are but by focusing on some things more than on others.

Me for example, I love to blog because it gives me the chance to reflect on the beauty in every moment. Daily life is not easy sometimes and not always rose; especially with kids it is often a real challenge and a lot of ups and downs. But by blogging I get the opportunity to cut out the bad and to concentrate on the good. That gives me power and encourages me to be thankful.
And by reading other blogs I personally feel motivated and fulfilled.
I am sure neither me nor any of my fellow bloggers do show all the different sides of their character. There are parts I really do not like about my own personality and I know that I have to work on them. But I do it in private and cut them out from my blogging personality and from the self-picture I want to show through internet.
I want to focus on the good and on the things I like about myself and in daily life.

This is not about telling lies or tales, it is much more about supporting the good within me and to encourage my gratefulness about my God given life.
Every one of us (more or less) yells sometimes, becomes aggressive, angry, unfair, moody, unbalanced, tired, evil or ugly. And we all do not want to be so.
But we surely are not always that good, creative, spiritual, grateful, loving, patient, open minded, thoughtful or green as we present ourselves through our blog. And that is normal and totally ok, I believe!!
Nobody should think that he could make real knowledge or that he has the right to judge about the writer’s personality just by reading a blog!

I really agree with Amanda Soule’s state on her “about” site: Never forget that a blog does not show a person’s whole character.
And don’t be disappointed by not getting fulfilled your false expectations if you should ever meet the person in real life…

I think we should always stay open minded and not judge other bloggers or ourselves by comparing both.
And there is also no need to idealize a blogger or to think that others are oh-so-perfect.

Let’s take blogging as a chance to share the beauty of life, to celebrate creativity, spirituality and family and to motivate and inspire each other through posts!

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6 thoughts on “My personal blogging world

  1. I really enjoy reading blogs and know that my life has been greatly enriched by them. My skin is not think enough to have my own blog, I know I could not let the critcisms “roll like water off my back.” I have seen plenty of hurtful things in the blogosphere–that makes me appreciate bloggers all the more.
    Love and Peace,

  2. I thinkit’s very true what you say…all we give are snippets and it’s very easy sometimes to come away from a blog feeling inadequate or if we haven’t met he mark…I’ve felt that way loads of times…but for the most part…my comrades in blogging leave me wanting to try new things and inspire me to give things a go that I might not neccessarily otherwise…
    agood post my dear..very thought provoking
    jazakallahu khairaan

  3. Mubarak for a year of blogging. I really enjoy your words and your lovely photos, mashAllah. May Allah continue to bless you and your family. I think you are correct in your view that your blog can be a way to show gratitude and positivity in a growingly mad world. Bravo to you for trying to show us the good things in your life because just reading your good things puts happiness and satisfaction in the lives of others. Your photos make me want to be more creative and active in my own homefront. InshAllah you will continue to give us many more years of pleasure and thankfulness to Allah subhana wa taala.

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