Apple Sauce Recipe

erntekorb-fenster apfelmus

Thanks for the lovely comments on my last post.

Even though I really love cookbooks and am very inspired by going through them, I am not a recipe-follower. My cooking is quiet creative and follows always my mood and what I am having at home. I always change the things written in cookbooks and create my own meals…
So it was not easy to write down the apple sauce recipe with precise measurements, but I will give it a try – and I recommend you to change it according to your taste and to be creative with it, too…


Apple Sauce Recipe (Apfelmus)


10 big ripe apples (even the brown ones)

1,5 cups of sugar (more or less, depending on how sweet you like it)

2 teaspoons cinnamon

5 cloves

Juice from 1 orange

2 cups of water


Peel the apples and cut bad parts and the pips out. Cut the apples in little tiny pieces and put them into a big saucepan. Put then the sugar, the cinnamon and the whole cloves into the saucepan and cover all with the orange juice and water.
Then put the saucepan on the stove and heat up until all boils. Turn heat down and let slowly cook until the apples are really soft (approx. an hour). Make sure it does not burn (if it tends to do so, add some more water) and enjoy the lovely smell it brings into your house!!

Now take the saucepan and mix all with a liquidizer into small until you get a creamy sauce. Put it on the stove and boil up again. Then fill it immediately and really hot in well cleaned preserving jars, close and turn them upside down (at least for 10 minutes) to make sure you will get a vacuum inside. Let cool down and range them for later – or enjoy now!!

Happy Weekend to you!


5 thoughts on “Apple Sauce Recipe

  1. as salaamu `alaykum…

    Oh this sounds simply scrumplicious, ma shaa Allah. Can’t wait to try – I am sure the kitchen will smell lovely too! I’ve been enjoying your posts. We’ve been sewing here – I’m still scared of my sewing machine so it’s hand-stitching and embroidery only 🙂

    Jazakillah khayran 🙂

  2. Assalam Alaikum,

    Ooooh, your recipe for Schupfnudeln made my mouth water. I read through your post a while ago and bumped into you mentioning Astrid Lindgren books. I almost forgot about them and how much I enjoyed them as a child. I went straight to the library and got them for my children. Here in the United States, however, they did not have all the titles I wished for. I also remember reading “Das doppelte Lottchen” while living in Germany…do you know any more books that I forgot? Amnesia sets in 🙂 Love you images from Morocco. Our family lives in Casablanca and my kids really enjoyed their visit this summer. Morgen kochen wir Apfelmus, InshaAllah!

  3. salam alaikoum sister Umm Nassim,
    thanks for your kind words!
    I am happy that my posts are inspiring for you!
    I will think about a post on what we are reading with the kids. I have a lot of old german books here, but unfortunately not all I would like to…
    I liked “Das doppelte Lottchen” too!
    Blessings to you!
    masalama, itto

  4. I wrote down the recipe and we’re going to give the sweet version a go later on insha’allah…can’t wait to try them

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