10 things I am currently enjoying…

babybauch-121 early-hours
feuer stricken-im-freien
wolldecke teeliebe1
creative-family-reading-time winterdeko


          My growing baby belly and to see how clothes do not fit anymore 😉

          Silent reading time, especially the book “In the early hours” from Khurram Murad about how to encourage the Muslim’s faith and spirituality

          Our open fire and the warmth it spreads, subhanallah

          The brotherly love of our two little boys

          My new Gudrun Sjoeden apron with the lovely embroidery

          Sitting outside in the warm winter sun, knitting and seeing the kids playing

          The warm hand-woven wool blanket, a gift from a friend here

          Tea, tea and again: tea!!! (my pregnancy-hormones do not like coffee at the moment)

          Family creative and reading time in the afternoon sun of our kitchen

          Our own winter decoration and all the warmth shown in my fellow blogger’s pics (especially Soulemama ‘s) – thanks so much for all that beauty!


One thought on “10 things I am currently enjoying…

  1. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Masha’Allah, nice idea for a post. 🙂 I am having the same problems with clothes and growing baby belly – I don’t need maternity clothes yet but my regular clothes are beginning to squeeze me! How many weeks are you? xxx

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