Tales from the red city

djemma-el-fna epices
rak-eselkarren rak-moscheeingang
rak-stuck rak-niquab-frau

Salam alaikoum friends,

We are back from Marrakech after a beautiful week in this vibrant city.
We enjoyed the time with hubby/dad, we met friends, ate ice-cream and Chinese food (yummy); we visited toy shops with the kids and the old markets; we bought food which we cannot find here and fabric for new sewing projects; we enjoyed the warmth of the  sun and the palm trees in front of the white Atlas mountains…
Now we are back in the beautiful snowy cold mountains of Morocco.

Our festivity days are gone but we are now enjoying the time of solstice and the beauty of deepest winter here.
I am thinking of all of you who are celebrating their sacred days now:
I wish you merry Christmas and blessed holidays with your beloved ones!
Thanks for all the inspiration you all are to me, thanks for this great blogging community!


4 thoughts on “Tales from the red city

  1. masha’allah…it’s nice to have time away and do out of the ordianry things for even a short while..I’m glad you had a good time….

  2. Hallo Itto,
    ich freue mich immer über deine schöne Bilder … und Marrakesch ist ein alter Traum von mir. Vielleicht wird er ja irgendwann einmal wahr 😉
    Herzliche Grüsse aus den ebenfalls verschneiten Schweizer Bergen,

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