across the mountains…

eid-berge kids-kuschelecke
fruhstuck schneeketten

Good evening friends, salam alaikoum,

Hope you had a nice weekend.
Here it was raining all Sunday and a little bit of snowing, too and we had no electricity in the valley since yesterday evening.
So I was happy to go to Marrakech today for some days. 
After quickly haven drunken some tea with milk, eaten some bread with marmalade and waken up the little ones, the taxi picked us up this morning and the streets were nearly as snowy as last year on the picture. Now we are here, enjoying city-life…

See you in a couple of days with news from the red city, inchaallah.
Masalama and a blessed week to you!


One thought on “across the mountains…

  1. insha’allah you have a god time..the snow looks wonderful..we don’t get really get snow where we are..and the children feel deprived every

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