Icy Weekend

stoffarben stoffmalen

It is cold here now, very cold I would say, though beautiful sunny outside, but REALLY icy inside, in the shadow and at night.
The tubes are all frozen and we have no running water since days. The laundry piles up and the only cosy place is in front of the chimney in our kitchen.
So we are spending most of the time here now: relaxing, reading, cooking and eating, being creative …
Alhamdulillah, I enjoy some crafty time with the kids (we drew pictures on linen fabric to sew kids-cushions out of it)  but also I really enjoy some kids-free moments alone with a cup of warm tea and a good read while they are outside with the au-pair-girl.


Wish you a nice and warm weekend friends!

teepause-sisters teepause-sisters2


4 thoughts on “Icy Weekend

  1. Mashallah you make it all sound so nice and cosy…I want to hibernate with you guys 😆 Btw, out of curiosity, where is your au pair from? I mean did you hire her through an agency? I would appreciate the info, thank you sis.

  2. masha’allah…i love the cosiness of winter..it’s really my favourite season of the year….and I keep thinking it’s a good idea to embroider the children’s little drawings…a good way to preserve their creativity for later years

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