Preparing ‘Id el kebir

backen-guss backen-schoko
id-vorbereitgdeko id-vorbereitg1
id-vorbereitgputzen id-vorbereitgbasteln

We are in the last steps to welcome ‘Id el kebir, the Muslim’s greatest annual celebration.

We are baking, decorating, sewing, cleaning up and spiritually preparing ourselves for the next few days.

’Id el kebir (also Eid ul adha) is the traditional sacrificing festivity which goes back in history to Prophet Abraham (ra). It was then when he was ordered by God the Almighty to sacrifice his son Ishmael to prove faith and obedience. They were both patient and such strong believers that they were both ready to do as it was ordered by Allah. Masha’allah.
Just in the moment when Abraham wanted to put the knife on Ishmael’s neck, God sent down a sheep to slaughter instead and to show His mercy on them.
That’s why Muslim’s all over the world celebrate this special day by slaughtering a sheep.

It is to remember the obedience of Abraham and to remember the mercy of Allah subhan’allah wa ta’ala.


So I wish you blessed days with your families and beloved ones!

‘Id moubarak said to all of you!!

I will be back in a couple of days with new stories from here, inchaallah.
Masalama, friends.


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6 thoughts on “Preparing ‘Id el kebir

  1. as salamu ‘alaykum

    ‘Eid Mubarak ukhti to you and your family from a family in the midwest of America! I read your blog through my rss feed and love it, wa lillahil hamd.

    Jazaki Allahu khairan for the inspiration you provide us. : )

  2. a late eid mubarak to you my dear sister….insha’allah you had a good time with your family…..the pics look wonderful

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