I am a sewing-babe now, too!

nahen-bernina nahen

Yes, I am proud to join the crafty blogging-community and to introduce my new friend: a Bernina Record sewing machine.
Wow, what a great ebay-find, subhan’allah!
I own a very cheap machine that never works well, so I nearly never sewed over the last five years. But now, I am so lucky to have found this perfect running, old-style and high quality machine which gives me the chance to return to sewing, alhamdulillah.
I am so looking forward to do things for the kids, for the house and for me… inchaallah.

So here you see my very first try of the machine, just a little purse for my sketchbook…

Have a nice weekend friends!

6 thoughts on “I am a sewing-babe now, too!

  1. Assalamu alaykum, what a great find! It reminds me of my mum old sewing machine. She used to sew with a Singer. An old sewing machine with the pedal.
    The Bernina is a Switzerland machine and a very solid one. Back in Italy, we used to use the Rimoldi.
    Mabrouk sis and happy sewing!
    Nice weekend to you too.
    Wa alaykum

  2. Mubarak! A sewing machine is a true friend! I really enjoy making things and having the control over what kinds of clothes my children wear. The things in the market here in Amman, though a Muslim country, are not Deen friendly. I make a lot of things for the girls especially. I have a craving to make some coats for myself this winter, and I might get started during the Eid holiday since we have no family here. Alhamdulillah. Enjoy your craftiness. Let us see what you make. Eid Mubarak from Jordan.

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