On the fire site

maisgrillen maisgrillen-feuer
maisgrillen-kamin maisgrillen-detail

This time of the year is great: we collect wood, we fire on the chimney, peel off some corn and wrap up some sweet potatoes into baking foil; we put it all into the heat and sit in front of the warm oven, watching the flames going high. We enjoy eating while thinking about the day and being grateful for our lives.
It’s a peaceful atmosphere and a nice end of a long day.
Subhan’allah, it makes me feeling so thankful for all we have, it makes me feeling lucky about all the gifts in my life, about my two sons and the new baby to come, and it makes me feeling just very very grateful for every minute we share as a little family.

And I still pray and keep praying for my family in Germany. My thoughts are always with them. May Allah give them strength, faith and ease. Ameen.

9 thoughts on “On the fire site

  1. Assalamu alaikum Dear Sister Itto,
    heartfelt appreciation for the window you share of your life and environment, and Mabrook on the news of another precious Mu’min to soon be part of your journey, Alhumdulillah!
    Wassalamu alaikum

  2. how cosy sister! mashaAllah may Allah protect you and your family! How very autumn and brings back memories for my own childhood winters by the open fire. thanks for sharing!

  3. Assalamu alaykum dearest sisster, you remind me of back home. Where I come from, a small village near big mountains. In a small valley, that’s where I was born. It gets very cold and snow in winter. My dad used to light up the fire and we all used to sit down and read stories together. We used to eat toasted chestnut and drink hot chocolate before going to bed. Jazak’Allahu kheir for sharing your pics.
    So many blessings around us…
    x wa alaykum assalam

  4. Salam alaikum, ya ukhti

    MashaAllah, nice pictures. I could imagine the nice toasted smell of the corn just by lookin at the pictures. I hope inshAllah if I ever get back to Morocco, I will visit the High Atlas mountains 🙂

    Keep on blogging and may Allah SWT bless you and all family. Amin.

    sister from sanghafurah

  5. Hello Itto,
    I’m still a silent reader of your blog. Your posts use to be so touching; I like very much to be “part” of your blog family 😉
    I’ve got a fire in our stove, too, and we expect a huge load of snow until Saturday. It’s knitting time for me (and stamps collecting time for my husband).
    I wish you and your family all the best, and I enjoy watching your family grow – blessings on you, your boys, and your baby to come (and on your husband, too, of course)!
    Have a nice and peaceful evening!
    Regards from Switzerland,

  6. Mabrook on the pregnancy! How many weeks pregnant are you? I’m nearing ten weeks, very early days! Anyway may Allah give you an easy pregnancy and a beautiful healthy babe!

    i long to have an open fire stove, we always had one when i was growing up.

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