Colour Workshop

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Since a while I didn’t gave report about our felting project here. Weather is too cold now to work because our working room has no heating and fingers and feet feel uncomfortable very quick while working with water in an icy environment.
So we decided to go into hibernation and just to pre-work the wool instead of felting.

Two weeks ago we had a meeting with some American Peace-Corps-Volunteers who helped me to organise a workshop about wool dyeing.
First we gave a whole session about colour mixing and schemes and about the basic knowledge how colours develop out of the three main colours red, blue and yellow.

The Berber-girls had much fun in mixing coloured waters, finding out the results and learning about Goethe’s colour-circle.

Afterwards we tried to dye the wool with some red cabbage which gave a really nice steel blue colour.

The Peace-Corps-people also gave us some books about dyeing which we will read and try out in the upcoming months now, incha’allah…



One thought on “Colour Workshop

  1. masha’allah…everytime I read about your felting endeavours I really get the bug to’s definately on my list of things to do insha’allah

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