tristesse and happiness

herbst-leiter baumvogel

I don’t feel very well at the moment, to much things in my head, all mixed up.

Happiness and sadness come and go and there is so much to think about and to pray for.
Good news and bad news go hand in hand and show how life really is: a test in patience, hardship and sorrow, mercy and joy.

Here is new life to come, subhan’allah – there is the call to death very near.

We’re living both now, in every single moment: fleeting and everlasting, completely in submission to the will of Allah.
We all belong to God and to Him we return. Life is a passage and we have to make our best out of it, to prove our faith and to worship Him alone, for this is the only meaning of our being.

I pray for patience, I pray for guidance, I pray for cure and for a wonder. I pray for health and for His mercy, but most of all I pray for Taqwa and strong trust in His will. Ameen.


6 thoughts on “tristesse and happiness

  1. Aslamu alakum
    may alla ease your suffering mashaAllah your words are very true and comforting , remember after the hardship wll come the ease…………..and that is a promise from our LORD subhanoo. Take care sis hugsxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. assalaamu alaikum
    ameen to your dua’aat my dear sister..
    insha’allah all will be well and allah will bless both you and yours with whatever is khair for you in the dunya and the akhira
    much love to you for the sake of allah ta’ala
    I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my dua

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