Congratulations America!

No, I am not at all interested in politics. I know how to spend better my time with more important stuff than to follow political discussions and I do not like to be influenced by the Medias or by some bad news about this world. I do not like to follow a preconceived idea. Probably sometimes I even close my eyes to some horrible realities, but since I live here in the mountains far away from all this stuff, far away from all the news and influence around, I feel much better.

I do not neglect all the harsh realities some people have to live, I do not neglect the bad things existing in this world, masha’allah, but I try to do and to give my best in my local area and not to be manipulated or pushed down by the all day changing news about people fighting for power and money. That’s not for me.

The most important news I get nearly every day through the front page of my internet provider by logging into my web account, such as the news about Obama’s victory.
And even though that I am not at all informed about what was going on in America the last few months, I feel good about these news.

I want to thank all the American’s having voted for Barack and I wish your country a fresh new direction, I wish the world (especially the Muslim world) a better relationship with the US, good luck and may the new upcoming president be a blessing to all of us!!!

Congratulations to Obama, Congratulations to America!


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