Last days of Ramadan

Salamou alaikoum,

for the moment it is not clear if Ramadan’s end feast ‘Id ul fitr will be here in Morocco tomorrow or on Thursday. We have to wait for the sight of the moon this evening. But in the case that it will be already tomorrow, I have to clean up the house today, to do some more bakeries and to mentally prepare for the upcoming feast days – yeah!

Masha’allah, Ramadan went so quick and I hope so much that our efforts will be accepted. Inchaallah.

So for all people interested in some etiquettes of the Muslim’s feast day and as a remembrance for myself, I want to share with you some “etiquettes of ‘Id”. I think the list could be continued, but I hope to mention every important thing and not to say something wrong.
On the day of ‘Id ul fitr these things should be observed:

– Take a bath (ghusl), dress beautifully but modest and put on some perfume (only men in public).
– Never fast the day of ‘Id, because it’s a day to eat, to praise Allah, to be together with the family, to enjoy Allah’s favour upon his servants and to mark the end of Ramadan.
– Give the obligatory donation (Zakat ul’fitr) in the early morning hours before the feast prayer.
– Eat some dates before leaving the house.
– Go to the feast prayer which has to happen outside in the open air in the middle of the morning (at about 9.00 am).
– While going to the prayer place praise God with a constant”Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar…” (God is the greatest) for that the streets will be filled with glory.
– Take different ways to go to the prayer place and back home for the sake of meeting as much people as possible to greet them all with a “Salamou alaikoum” (Peace be upon you) and the best wishes for ‘Id and that their fasting may be accepted (‘Id moubarak oua Allahumma taqqabil minni oua minkoum).
– Everybody is called to participate the ‘Id prayer and the afterwards sermon. The young, the old, men, women (even women in their menses), rich, poor,… everybody should meet in the open to praise Allah on this special day.

Unfortunately in our village it is only the men going to the feats prayer in public. I don’t know why, because in other villages they allow women to meet the prayer according to the prophetic sunnah. That makes me sad every year and I wished I could change it…

So, I already know that I will have to pray at grandpa’s home… but incha’allah, the weather will be nice so we have the chance to see the men up to the hill and to hear the peaceful “Allahu akbar” – also this is something very beautiful, masha’allah…

I wish you all Happy ‘Id and a wonderful week of celebration!

And here are the wardrobes I would love to wear the next few days:


4 thoughts on “Last days of Ramadan

  1. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Ta qabala Allah minna wa minkum wa Ghafar Allah lana wa lakum. Hope you had a wonderful Eid insha’Allah. It was nice for us alhamdu Lillah but the high point for me was going to Eid prayer for the first time in more than 3 years. 🙂

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