Days of Ramadan # 26

Some of the felted products we did over the last few months.


…and the 27th night

“It is called the night of Power (i.e Laelat-ut Qadr) or the night of blessing (Laelat-ul mubarak). The deed in this night is better than the rewards of deeds of 1000 months (about 83.3 years).”

So we already count the 26th of Ramadan today, and that means the holy month soon will be over. But this coming night is a special one. It’s said that one of the impair last ten nights is the most blessed night of the month, we do not know which one it exactly is, but it is the night of Power, the night when the holy Qur’an was revealed for the first time by angel Gabriel to our beloved prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). So we as Muslims are supposed to spend these last few nights in deep devotion, offering night-prayers, remembering Allah, reading Qur’an…
IN Morocco people take the 27th might as the most special one, men go to the mosque during the whole night, women meet at home, pray together and colour their hand with henna, which is known as a sacred plant, healing the skin and protecting against the evil eye.
So we will go this evening to grandpa’s house, spending the evening with the women there, decorating our hands with henna and submit together to our Lord, incha’allah.

“Indeed We have revealed it (the Qur’an) in the night of Power. And what will explain to you what the night of Power is? The night of Power is better than a thousand months. Therein descends the Angels and the Spirit (Jibreel = angel Gabriel) by Allah’s permission, on every errand: they say “Peace” continuously till the rise of Morning!”  Surate 97 : Verse 1-5  

Wish you a blessed weekend and Peace be upon you!



6 thoughts on “Days of Ramadan # 26

  1. masha’allah….the felted goods look so beautiful…..
    insha’allah this 27th of ramadhan was a blessed one for you.. & that the dua’aat of you and yours have been answered..

  2. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Wow, I LOVE the flowery cushion and are those little lanterns?? Glass jars with a felt outer? So beautiful and so effective, what a great idea!

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