Days of Ramadan # 22

Before Ramadan is over, I would like to share some of the Iftar meals we prepared over the last weeks.
We are having every evening something salty and something sweet, something cooked and something fresh, to have a huge variety of tastes and vitamins and pleasure for the eye and a feast for the soul.
Thanks God, I am so grateful for all the good in our life, for all the well-being and prosperity, alhamdulillah! And it is so good after a whole day of abstinence to see and to feel His goodwill every evening clearly on our tables…subhan’allah! That’s one of the perfect purposes of Ramadan…

So here are the foods we had. I hope they are inspiring for you; and if you would like to have any of the recipes, please ask…


These foods you find everyday on our table and on nearly every table in the kingdom of Morocco:



Chebbakia (honey fried winding pastries),

Smita (sweet spicy pastry with fennel and almond taste)

Hard boiled eggs,

Olive oil,


And then we had every day something different:

Clafoutis (my absolute favorite!  A sweet baked soufflé with different fruits added),

Kefta balls (minced meat),


French Flammkueche (like a pizza but with sour crème and onions, no tomatoes),

German Brezels

Fried vegetable rolls,

Fruit salad,

Noodle salad,

Potato salad,

Moroccan Harrira Soup,


Fried potatoes,

Tuna dip,

Pasta with different sauces,

Quiche (French vegetable pastry cake),

Fruit juice,

Milk coffee,

Pomes grenade,


Rice pudding,




Bismillah, I wish you a blessed meal and never forget what the prophet (pbuh) has taught us: one third of the stomach is for food, one for drink and one for the air to breathe…



One thought on “Days of Ramadan # 22

  1. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Oh my! That list of food sounds just delicious masha’Allah! Can you post or send a recipe for clafoutis please? What other fruits are good to use apart from the traditional cherries? Also can you use frozen or tinned fruits? (The fruits avalaible here in Saudi are not always good and varied, especially in winter.) The Flammkueche sounds excellent too, what a nice variation for those who get fed up with cheese and tomato sauce!

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