Days of Ramadan # 17


Thanks so much for the lovely comments yesterday!

That’s what I love so much about this blogging community: sharing thoughts and feelings all over the globe, subhan’allah, isn’t that great?!


Yesterday and today I am already feeling so much better, alhamdulillah. And you know what, autumn slowly begins now also out here.

Everything is about harvest right now and I just love it!

The nature still is green and rich but you can feel already the smell of winter in the air.
People are busily working in the fields, bringing home corn, grass, apples and walnuts. Fearing the late summer thunderstorms, they try to gather everything as quickly as possible before heavy rain destroys their fruits.
Ramadan rhythm fits well with the work now because they go to the fields in the mornings and come home in the afternoons just before the rain usually begins to fall to prepare Iftar.

We do not have fields ourselves, but grandfather has some. So we visit the family while working, we lend a helping hand, enjoy warm sunrays and sit in the grass. We pick some fruits, try nearly everyday new recipes with them and look forward to Maghrib prayer to eat…
I like those apples when they still are a little hard and sour; those walnuts, still soft and their skin easy to peel off; the corn, sweet and just right to be grilled over the fire; and not to forget the blackberries, which are my favourite… Praise to God, subhan’allah, September, I love you!
Thanks God for living in such a beautiful valley!


2 thoughts on “Days of Ramadan # 17

  1. subhanallah..allah ta’ala has blessed you indeed..masha’allah…..
    such beautiful scenes…..glad you’re feeling better too
    much love

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