peace and love meditation

dez reading

a peaceful moment, sun after the hard rain, the children playing calmly, some time to read, to grow, to listen to the inner voice, to deal with some unresolved issues, to affirm poitiveness and to welcome the beauty and the good in our life.
love and peace. to all of us, to you and me and the worlds.
happy december folks!

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right now I am learning to accept…
… that life is a never ending learning path.
… that dunia (this life on earth) is a test, and every day a new chance to show my best.
… that good times and hard times go hand in hand.
… that nothing in this life is “perfect”.
… that everything changes.
… that there is always something to improve.
… that everything happens for a good reason, inchaallah.
… that happiness lies in the moment.
… that cobwebs, dirt and disorder are part of life (even in a new house)
… that Allah’s plans are alreday made and I simply have to count on HIM.