right now I am learning to accept…
… that life is a never ending learning path.
… that dunia (this life on earth) is a test, and every day a new chance to show my best.
… that good times and hard times go hand in hand.
… that nothing in this life is “perfect”.
… that everything changes.
… that there is always something to improve.
… that everything happens for a good reason, inchaallah.
… that happiness lies in the moment.
… that cobwebs, dirt and disorder are part of life (even in a new house)
… that Allah’s plans are alreday made and I simply have to count on HIM.


an Oasis in Marrakech _ Remembering Summer

2tour eingang 2tours entrykey
2tours brothers

subhanallah, this summer we were lucky to be gifted with a free stay at one of the most beautiful hotels in Marrakech: les deux tours – a green lush osais in the palmeraie of the red and hot city.
two days of luxury and comfort, of beauty and delight, of joy and laughter, of laziness and being together as a family, alhamdulillah!

2tours drink2tour breakfast   2tours diner    2tours dessert

the hotel is high class and I first feared if our natural wild children would be able to behave well – but subhanallah, after some basic lessons in city-behaviour (with the help of the good old Knigge) they acted so well and did it so great and the hotel stuff was so nice and gentle with them.

2tours gang 2tours flur  2tours cafe2tours garden
2tours lantern 2tours essen
2tours liegestuhl 2tours palm 2tours le2tours poolblau

to my pue joy our big appartment had its own private pool and I was happy like a child to be able to swim with the kids and to freely relax without hijab.
the food in the restaurant was mhhhm and the huge green garden with all the colorful flowers, plants and with the swings and different wild places to relax was incredibly beautiful. the architecture of the hotel was traditionally done by one of the best known architects of Morocco and was itself very nice to see.

2tours lunch
2tours pergola 2tours window
2tours prpool 2tours swimpause  2tourspool

now autumn came to our valley and the summer’s warm is almost gone, but those wonderful memories of our stay in the lovely oasis of “the two towers” fills us with pure joy. after an extremely hard year of school with many challenges and changes this stay was the most beautiful gift we could have recieved and it gave us the chance to fuly relax and the power and energy to continue work well, inchaallah.
thanks to our dear friends D.and I. for this enormous gift! xxx

busy busy busy

limo1 limo2 limo3
homemade summer ice tea for nice breaks in busy times

a little update:
salam aleikoum,
when it is quiet here, real life is busy, as you know – I think we all go through the same and as I see the comment section of this blog being quiet as well, I guess you are all busy too.
after vacation  and a nice timeout in marrakech, I am now back to work, busy preparing school and the start of the new schoolyear next week.
internet got newly installed in the valley and is muuuuuch quicker now, alhamdulillah!
but the electricity often goes away as usual and my computertime is limited anyway, so my list of emails to respond is still long (sorry to all those waiting for my response) and time to blog is rare … but I hope to soon be able to report a bit about our days in the red city, inchallah.
until then I wish you a nice indian summer and a happy september – stay well friends!

beyond boredom


“beyond boredom lies the true self” (Gill Edwards)

ice coffee schoggi

here I sit, with a cup of iced coffee, some chocolate
and in my head I ponder on the wonderful books I read and sources of inspiration for family-life and self:

Gill Edwards “Pure Bliss”
Anne Morrow Lindbergh “Gift from the sea”
Amanda Blake Soule “the creative Family” and “Rhythm of Family”
icecoffee2 icecoffee1